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Team Fo'Sizzle, "We Are One. Medic One"

Woodinville Fire & Rescue, Redmond Fire Department

"In the sixties, my late Step-Dad, Sheffield Phelps, made a donation that helped start emergency response in Seattle. In 1994, he had an instant cardiac arrest in our home and our local fire department was there in less than three minutes and saved his life. We were blessed with another 12 wonderful years with Shef. This is why, when Shari Leid and Cindy Benezra asked me to join their team to help raise money for Medic One Foundation, I said YES! I am raising money in honor of Shef and all the firefighters and paramedics that save lives daily."-Kayley Runstad Swan

  • Cindy Benezra, Author and Co-owner, Elite Events
  • Shari Leid, Attorney and Community Volunteer
  • Kayley Runstad Swan, Learning Specialist, Trustee at Hamlin Robinson School, Trustee and Development Chair SAAS
  • Natalie Wallace, Photographer, Owner of Wallace Creative Media and Zhush Portrait & Fashion
  • Pinky Elliott, RN, BSN, CANS, Skin Spirit
  • Sequoia Leopold, Owner, Flawless Beauty Bars, and former Seattle SeaGals
  • Kate S. Mensah, Award-winning Fashion Designer and Instructor for Kickboxing, Yoga and Fitness
  • Mandy Moon, Owner, Mandy Moon Jewelry
  • Lizzy Adkins, Insurance Adjuster, Norcross, Community Volunteer, Bow Hunter, and Black Belt Martial Arts
  • Elyse Battiste, Fashion Stylist and Actress/Model for the Screen Actors
  • Cindy Roberts, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Cloud
  • Lydia Chaplin, Photographer, Lydia Chaplin Photography
  • Cati Ackley, Small business Owner and Fitness Trainer
  • Cade Strand, Woodinville Fire & Rescue, Firefighter/EMT
  • Robert Oftedahl, Woodinville Fire & Rescue, Firefighter/EMT
  • David Farrar, Woodinville Fire & Rescue, Firefighter/EMT
  • Luke Beaty, Redmond Fire Department, Firefighter/Paramedic

Image: Natalie Wallace, Wallace Creative Media